Welcome to South Dakota Gun Owners (SDGO) - the only “No Compromise” gun rights group in the state!

But what does “No Compromise” mean?

We believe in 100% firearms liberty for South Dakota.

We believe the Second Amendment is the only “permit” you need to keep and bear arms.

So we will never trade away your rights.

We will never accept political excuses or backroom deals.

Gun owners’ rights have been attacked repeatedly in the last decades. But with every attack, South Dakota Gun Owners has taken the anti-gun politicians head-on, defeating their schemes time and again.

Our mission is to empower citizens with the knowledge they need to hold politicians and elected officials accountable for their anti-gun views, and preserve our Second Amendment rights.

With our dedicated, expanding membership of over 18,000 grassroots activists, SDGO leads the charge to protect the Second Amendment across the state.

But our effectiveness in the battle against the anti-gun politicians depends entirely on the support of gun rights supporters like you.

We welcome all South Dakotans who believe in gun rights to join SDGO and participate in the ever-growing movement to take back our rights and liberty in the state.



South Dakota Gun Owners is an un-incorporated not-for-profit association,

dedicated to restoring and preserving the right of the people to keep and bear arms, and is financially accountable to its membership.

Donations are not tax-deductible and are non-refundable. Any SDGO member may obtain an annual financial statement by writing to:

South Dakota Gun Owners • PO Box 3845 • Rapid City, SD 57709 • (605) 415-4299

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